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Why Your Boat Needs Ceramic Coating

12/23/22 | Admin

Ceramic Coating Carolina Detailing Charleston

Believe it or not, ceramic coating protection on your vessel is more important than you realize. Think about how often you're on the water with no shade blocking sunlight from your gelcoat and other surfaces.

There are many long term and short term damages that can be avoided simply by adding a ceramic coating protection on your boat's surfaces.

Not only does your gelcoat need this kind of protection, you'll also enjoy tons of benefits such as ease of maintenance, a glossy coat, and more!

One of the better benefits of ceramic coating is the resistance to UV rays and the prevention of oxidation, scratches, and swirls on your gelcoat, which are damages known to crucially lower the value of your boat.

You should only trust a professional ceramic coating installer to apply this coating, as techniques, strategies, and products are the biggest factors in quality and long lasting results.

Ceramic Coating Creates an Ease of Maintenance

Ceramic coating assists in having a high prevention of build-up of dirt and other elements, washing your boat will be much easier to do and take less time than usual.

This is due to the strength and resistance of the ceramic coating, which will allow water to take any dirt right off effortlessly.

Why spend more time washing your boat or vessel, or letting it get that dirty in the first place? With ceramic coating, you won't have to worry about these issues any longer.

Your boat's glossy coat will remain all year round.

UV Resistance & Oxidation Prevention From Ceramic Coating

When your boat is out on the open water, there really isn't much shade to block UV rays from directly hitting your gelcoat from above and from reflection on the water.

With a ceramic coating protecting your gelcoat, the UV rays can't get through and will never reach the surfaces that you need to protect most.

Although UV rays cause more damage over the long term, there's plenty of smaller objects on the water or connected to your boat that can hit the sides or interior causing different damages and scratches.

These short term quicker damages can also be prevented with ceramic coating.

The Results? Better Look and Better Value

Having this substantial level of protection coated on your vessel prevents all sorts of long term and short term damages, while making everything easier to maintain and keep clean.

This results in your boat retaining its condition and value.

So if you ever decide it's time for a new boat and you decide to sell the one you've protected, expect a nice return on your investment.

Carolina Detailing Will Apply Ceramic Coating For You

Not only are we a certified ceramic coating installer, our experience over the years has led us to be one of the highest trusted marine detailing businesses in the Charleston area.

This is something you should not try yourself without experience, and it's highly recommended to have a certified installer complete the process for you as it requires preparation, proper technique, and appropriate amount of time for the coating to cure and settle.

Are you interested in getting ceramic coating protection on your boat? Call us today or fill out the request form on our website, and we'll set up an appointment with you.

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