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How to Keep Your Boat Clean All Year Long

01/13/23 | Admin

Maintaining your vessel is a year-round responsibility if you want to keep it looking new and avoid possible mechanical or cosmetical issues. In this article, we'll show you how to make the process easier, and fill you in on solutions that can help.

Depending on where you store your boat, and where or how often you take it on the water, there may be maintenance tasks that you need to perform more often. This is especially common for salt water vessel owners that should be removing corrosive salt build-up regularly.

Follow these steps and read below to see our recommendations on keeping your boat clean all year long.

Understand How Often Your Vessel Should Be Cleaned

Frequency is important with keeping your boat clean. If you are unsure of how often it needs a wash, we highly recommend speaking with a professional that's experienced in boat maintenance washes.

You should also read your owner's manual. This will inform you on any specific cleaning instructions that are recommended by the boat's manufacturer and can clear up some questions you may have.

It's important to understand that pushing maintenance beyond its due date can result in damages that would require very costly services to fix down the road. Thinking of the long term about your vessel's condition can help you save money, or even help you if you decide it's time to put it for sale.

Use Marine Grade Products

Make sure the products being used are actually for boats and marine vessels. Products and solutions not designed for surfaces like gelcoat will not be as efficient, and may have chemicals that could cause damage.

Even if your boat has additional protection against chemicals, such as ceramic coating, it is still highly recommended to only use marine grade products.

Not sure what products are marine grade or work better than others? Carolina Detailing has the knowledge and experience with industry-leading products and will be happy to assist you.

Our professionals will point you in the right direction when it comes to all your questions and concerns about keeping your boat clean year round.

Have Longer Durability By Waxing Your Hull

A great maintenance method for your vessel is keeping your hull waxed. This prevents dirt buildup and grime on the surface from becoming ingrained. You will also notice the next time you go to wash your boat, you won't need to wash or scrub as hard or need to use as many detergents.

Carolina Detailing offers maintenance wash plans, as well as waxing and buffing services to assist you in year-round boat maintenance. We're a highly rated and trusted marine restoration and protection service that specializes in gelcoat & fiberglass repair, and certified to apply ceramic coating.

Whether you are looking to be preventative of damages, or need current damages fixed, we can help.

Protect Your Boat's Upholstery

Replacing or fixing upholstery can be very costly. It's best to keep these surfaces cleaned often and well protected. Using a damp towel, wipe away any salt residue, dirt, or grime. You should also have a cover for your upholstery that will keep away any stains or long-term weather effects.

There are additional upholstery protection products that can be applied and used, but this should be done complimentary with the advice given above. If you are interested in which products can be used to protect your boat's upholstery, speak with a professional at Carolina Detailing.

During the year, there are different factors and changes of environment that can have negative effects on your marine vessel. By understanding how often you should wash or wax your boat, using the right products that are marine grade, waxing your hull, and protecting your upholstery, you will notice that it is easier to clean your boat and the condition will stay top tier.

So when it's time to go out on the water, you don't need to wash your boat beforehand. Maintain your boat all year long with ease by following the steps above. If you need any assistance, we are here to help. Carolina Detailing offers maintenance plans and packages tailored to your vessel's needs.

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